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Moonz Padre Damián​

Calle Panamá , 14, 28036 Madrid

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The magical world of Moonz

About our center

Moonz dental clinic Padre Damián is located north of Madrid, specifically in the area of Bernabéu-Hispanoamérica. Our centre is specialised in treating children and we have a large team of Paediatric Dentists and Orthodontists with extensive experience in providing dental care for the youngest members of the family.

On the one hand, we offer all kinds of dental treatments focused on preventing and correcting the main dental problems affecting children, such as cavities, pulpectomies, fluoride treatments, sealants, etc.
On the other hand, we provide the main orthodontic treatments for children aimed at preventing and correcting many irregularities affecting the jaw bones and teeth: palate expanders, metal braces, clear aligners, aesthetic braces, etc.

Moonz dental clinic Padre Damián is equipped with state-of-the-art technology: panoramic x-ray, intraoral scanner, sedation, etc.
The centre opened its doors in 2021, meaning all its installations are new. It has two floors with different areas. On the one hand, we have rooms for treating patients. We also have a waiting room and a play room to make your child’s visit more enjoyable.

Our Padre Damián dental clinic can be reached by private as well as public transport. If you decide to go by car, pay parking is available nearby, both underground as well as street parking. If public transport is preferred, you can arrive by Underground (stations of Cruz or Santiago Bernabéu, line 10) or bus (lines 5, 27, 40, 126, 147 or 150).

Our Moonz team

  •  Dr. Rodrigo Villaverde
    Dr. Rodrigo Villaverde
    Hello everyone, my name is Rodrigo Villaverde Sedano and I graduated in Dentistry at the University of Salamanca.

    Very early in my career I realized that the field of orthodontics was my passion and after graduating I was fortunate to be admitted to the postgraduate program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at the Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz, in Madrid.

    Aware of the importance of continuing education and of constantly updating our knowledge, I have also been trained in clear aligner techniques, obtaining certification in the Invisalign and Spark systems.

    What I like most about orthodontics is the ability we have to transform the lives of our little patients since we not only improve their aesthetics and occlusion, but we can also improve functions such as phonation, breathing, swallowing and increase the patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

    Being an orthodontist at the Moonz children’s dental clinic is a great opportunity to offer children the highest quality treatment, surrounded by the best professional team and supported by the latest technological advances available in our clinic. In addition, the goal is to offer our patients a fun and enjoyable experience.

    I encourage you to come and meet us at our Children’s Orthodontics clinic in Padre Damian and live a great experience, where children are the true protagonists. We will be delighted to welcome you.
  • Lina Bejarano
    Lina Bejarano
    Clinics coordinator
  • María Pozo
    María Pozo
    Clinic coordinator
    Hi there! I’m Maria Pozo clinic coordinator at Moonz Padre Damian. I am going to tell you about my experience at Moonz, a world where each one of you is special, where we will have fun together and create an unforgettable experience full of surprises and smiles.

    I am very excited to be able to share this Moonzian experience with you.

    Would you like to start this adventure together?
    I'll be waiting for you!
  • Paula Gutiérrez
    Paula Gutiérrez
    Treatment coordinator
    Hello! I am Paula Gutiérrez and I am a treatment coordinator at Moonz Padre Damian.
    I’m graduated in Dentistry at University of Seville and I am passionate about orthodontics.

    I love watching patients evolve and grow until they finish with a big smile.
    Moonz is an unique clinic where patients are the most important for us. Come and have fun with us at our children's orthodontic clinic!
  • Sophia Tavera
    Sophia Tavera
    Hello everyone! I am Sophia Tavera. I graduated as a dental hygienist at the Campus Dental Madrid institute. Since I was very little, I realized I had an interest in dentistry, thanks to the fact that my mother, and role model, is a dentist.

    When I knew about Moonz I thought it would be a place where I could continue to grow and learn in a very fun and unique way, and it certainly is! Both children and adults are excited about Moonz, I would love for everyone to live this magical experience full of surprises and healthy smiles!

    I’m proud to be part of this project because I can involve myself, exercise my professional career and give my best. Do we smile together?

Discover our treatments

Interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

First visit to the Orthodontist

The Spanish Orthodontic Society recommends the first orthodontic evaluation be conducted at age 6. Thus, the Orthodontist can detect malocclusions or incorrect oral habits that are easier to correct at an early age.

Child orthodontics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

Orthodontics in two phases

To achieve a healthy, functional and aesthetic result in the long term, orthodontic treatments must be approached in two phases. In the first phase, we guide and correct bone growth. In the second, we improve the position of the teeth.