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Moonz Las Rozas

C. Camilo José Cela, 1, 28232 Las Rozas De Madrid

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The magical world of Moonz

About our center

The center is located on Calle Camilo José Cela nº1, near the Heron City and Las Rozas Village shopping centers, an area with numerous leisure, shopping and restaurant options and with good direct access from the A-6 and easy parking.

It is a center specialized in children’s orthodontics and pediatric dentistry whose objective is to offer the highest quality treatments to the little ones, making them fun and educational for their patients, and at the same time as pleasant and simple as possible for their parents.
The center has facilities designed specifically for children, with a play area, PS5 and Xbox consoles, and workshops where we get them to associate going to the dentist with fun, learning, and enthusiasm.

In addition, the center has a great team of professionals who will be able to provide a complete diagnosis to the child, taking care of oral health with orthodontic treatments from an early stage (approx. from 5-6 years) and managing to educate them on the importance to take care of their oral health and that they come to our clinic with a big smile.

The objective of this new center in Las Rozas is, like that of all our Moonz centers, to offer a maximum level of excellence in treatments, while at the same time allowing patients and their parents to live a different and unforgettable experience.
Make an appointment by calling 911037524, at Moonz.com or directly at our center.

Our Moonz team

  • Dra. Cristina Ortega
    Dra. Cristina Ortega
    My name is Cristina Ortega Míguez. I earned a degree in Dentistry from Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio de Madrid.

    From 2009 to 2012, I pursued a Master's Degree in orthodontics from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Since then, I have been working as an orthodontic specialist treating children and adults, administering orthopaedic treatments, braces and transparent aligners.

    During my career, I have continuously completed training in cutting-edge techniques to offer the highest quality care.
    In 2023 I began working at Moonz, a very exciting project that allows working with very high-quality standards. See you at Moonz.
  • Alba Escudero Garrido
    Alba Escudero Garrido
    Clinic Coordinator
    My name is Alba Escudero and I have been part of the Moonz team for over 13 years. I am the Clinic Coordinator in Arturo Soria, and I am the person who will welcome you as soon as you enter the clinic and I will be the one to show you the first secrets of the Moonz world, which you and the rest of the team will get to find out later on.

    As soon as you walk through the door, you will begin to live a unique and unforgettable experience that I assure you, you have never seen anything like it, secrets, fun, laughter, games and thousands of other things that you can only experience at Moonz.

    I have always been passionate about orthodontics, children and above all the values that we have in our little Moonzian planet, spending day after day with each and every one of our patients is what makes me happy, motivates me and above all the best reward is to see how our patients leave with the best smiles wishing that the days pass to come back and see us again.
  • Violeta Ramírez
    Violeta Ramírez
    Treatment Coordinator
    Hello Moonzians!

    My name is Violeta Ramirez and I am the Treatment Coordinator at Moonz Las Rozas.

    Working here is the dream of any professional passionate about children's orthodontics, so I couldn't be happier to be part of this small but great family.
    There is nothing better than learning through play, and at Moonz, we know a lot about that.
    The most important thing for me is for you to come visit us with enthusiasm and a smile, and we will take care of the rest.
    I am looking forward to meeting you and starting this adventure together.

    By the way, at Moonz, we reward good attitude and responsibility in children, there are many prizes and gifts waiting for you.
    See you at Moonz World!

Discover our treatments

Interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

First visit to the Orthodontist

The Spanish Orthodontic Society recommends the first orthodontic evaluation be conducted at age 6. Thus, the Orthodontist can detect malocclusions or incorrect oral habits that are easier to correct at an early age.

Child orthodontics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

Orthodontics in two phases

To achieve a healthy, functional and aesthetic result in the long term, orthodontic treatments must be approached in two phases. In the first phase, we guide and correct bone growth. In the second, we improve the position of the teeth.