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The magical world of Moonz

About our center

Moonz dental clinic Getafe is located in the district of El Bercial. Our centre is qualified in treating children and we have a large team of Paediatric Dentists and Orthodontists with extensive experience in providing dental care for the youngest members of the family.

On the one hand, we offer all kinds of dental treatments aimed at preventing and correcting the main dental problems affecting children, such as cavities, pulpectomies, fluoride treatments, sealants, etc.

On the other hand, we provide the main orthodontic treatments for children aimed at preventing and correcting many irregularities affecting the jaw bones and teeth: palate expanders, metal braces, clear aligners, aesthetic braces, etc.

Moonz dental clinic Getafe is equipped with state-of-the-art technology: panoramic x-ray, intraoral scanner, etc.
The centre opened its doors in 2022, meaning all its installations are new. They are characterised for having a fun decoration that appeals to children, helping improve their wellbeing and to perceive going to the dentist as a fun activity. Also, the centre has personnel that speak English.

Our Getafe dental clinic can be reached by private as well as public transport. If public transport is chosen, you can take the Metro (El Bercial station, line 12) or bus (lines 3 and 446).

Our Moonz team

  • Dra. Natalia Santos
    Dra. Natalia Santos
    Hello! My name is Natalia Santos and I am a graduate in dentistry from the Complutense University of Madrid.

    I have always been into orthodontics. That is the reason why I decided to study the European Master’s Degree in Orthodontics at Alfonso X El Sabio University and continue to grow professionally in this sector. The knowledge acquired in the master’s program was enriched and consolidated with the long international experience I had previously got in France and England.

    Additionally, I obtained the Invisalign Certificate. From my point of view, continuous training is an essential part of my professional career and I try to be up to date in the different orthodontic techniques, to provide patients with quality treatments.

    What I am most passionate about orthodontics is the fact that I can personally see the impact that treatments have on the patients both at an aesthetic and functional degree, especially on children, whom we create amazing bonds with since the very beginning.

    I am glad to join this great team at Monnz, full of skilled professionals and where the main goal is providing the patients with the best attention, along with our compromise to obtain the best results using the most novel techniques. Everything in such an enjoyable and nice environment.

    I am waiting for you at our Moonz Children’s Dental Clinic. Come soon!
  • Lina Bejarano
    Lina Bejarano
    Clinic coordinator
  • Rebeca Peña
    Rebeca Peña
    Treatment coordinator
    My name is Rebeca and I am a treatment coordinator at Moonz Valdebebas Children’s Dental Clinic.

    I love being part of this family and live this great experience along with you. I am also really happy to be able to learn from you and get the best possible smile together.

    We will follow an enjoyable and dynamic path in order to reach the best dental health we can. If you join us in this wonderful adventure, we will live amazing moments. Every day you come to moonz will be a lot of fun!

    I hope to see you soon moonzians!

Discover our treatments

Interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

First visit to the Orthodontist

The Spanish Orthodontic Society recommends the first orthodontic evaluation be conducted at age 6. Thus, the Orthodontist can detect malocclusions or incorrect oral habits that are easier to correct at an early age.

Child orthodontics

We provide orthopaedic and interceptive treatments aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9. Thus, we easily correct improper habits and malformations of the bones, which can only be corrected with surgery as an adult.

Orthodontics in two phases

To achieve a healthy, functional and aesthetic result in the long term, orthodontic treatments must be approached in two phases. In the first phase, we guide and correct bone growth. In the second, we improve the position of the teeth.